From Farm to Table

Meat is harvested from animals. Have you ever contemplated the question, when during harvesting does it happen that an animal transforms to meat?

For our customers the transformation from animal to meat happens at our facility. Local farmers sell livestock to their customers and then we come into the picture, providing the service of processing.

All of us at the Story City Locker are sensitive to the transformation of animal to meat. We believe that awareness of and sensitivity for the process is valuable, not just for us but for everyone.

Small production farming decreases environmental stress, increases trace-ability, and promotes appreciation for healthy food and eating. Knowing our food and where our food comes from is good for us.

Story City Locker supports local & regional food-supply from small production farmers, and all of their diverse farming practices. We invest much time knowing who our local farmers are.  Our membership to Practical Farmers of Iowa is invaluable for relationship building with Iowa's small production farmers committed to developing sustainable farming practices.  We are proud of our relationship with the organization.

When you're looking to invest in an animal for processing, we can refer you to farmers whose farming practices match your food priorities.  We also have small quantity purchasing available through our retail butchery.


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