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Your Cutting Instructions

Submit your custom processing instructions to us online.

The links below are to online forms that ask all of the questions we'd ask if you called to give us cutting instructions.

These forms are for 'Direct to Consumer' processing. Package labels list commodity cut, customer name and has 'Not For Sale' printed on them. (For inspected processing you can re-sell, click here for information.)

Options and Fees for Processing BEEF
Options and Fees for Processing PORK 

Rates may be subject to change without prior notice.

Story City Locker no longer offers processing services for lamb or goat.

If you prefer to speak to Customer Service about your cutting instructions, call them at 515-733-6328 and please leave a message. Messages are checked consistently and they will be happy to return your call.



We often get asked for ingredient lists for our pork custom processing recipes. You can review them here.

You can also view our beef custom recipes, here.