The following rates are for processing only. Rates listed apply when an $80.00 per head minimum isn't achieved. Carcass is a separate purchase, direct from a farmer.

Submit cut instructions using our Online Pork Processing Form.

If you choose to call Customer Service with your cut instructions, 515-733-6328, please leave a message and they'll be happy to return your call.


3 Levels of Service to Choose From

Butcher's Choice Basic

$1.30 per lb of Carcass

Butcher's choice plus

$1.35 per lb of Carcass, plus A La Carte & Value-Add Fees


$1.45 per lb of Carcass, plus A La Carte Selection(s) & Processed Cooked Meats Selection(s) Fees

All pricing includes take-down, cutting, grinding, wrapping in poly and paper, freezing, and carcass offal disposal.


What will I get?

butcher's choice and butcher's choice plus

Cut options are predetermined without the option for substitutions.
Approximate meat from a typical 1/2 pig (a 100 lb carcass):
(12) Pork Chops
(1) Spare Ribs
(4) Shoulder Roasts
(4) Leg Roasts
(2) Hocks
  • Butcher's Choice, (10 lbs) Fresh Side
  • Butcher's Choice Plus, (10 lbs) Bacon
  • Butcher's Choice, (15-20 lbs) Ground Pork
  • Butcher's Choice Plus, (5-10 lbs) Ground Pork & (10 lbs) Bulk Breakfast Sausage
Bulk Ground and Sausage is packaged in 1 lb packages
Chops are cut 1" thick
Roasts are approximately 3 lb each



Tailored service with a la carte & processed cooked meats options.

Custom A La Carte & Value-Add Options

Seasoning, $1.60 per lb

Green Onion
Sweet Italian
Hot Italian
Spicy Chorizo
Bratwurst with Cheddar Cheese (add $0.50 per lb)
Bratwurst with Cheddar Cheese & Jalapeno (add $0.90 per lb)

patties, $1.20 per lb

2 Ounce
1/4 Pound
1/3 Pound
1/2 Pound

Links, $1.20 per lb

Collagen, Small Breakfast Size
Skinless, 1/3 Pound Link
Pork Casing, Large Diameter
Lamb Casing, Small Diameter (add $0.65 per lb)

cure &(or) smoke, $2.10 per lb

Belly Bacon
Canadian Bacon
Cottage Bacon
Jowl Bacon
Smoked Fresh Side (no cure)


Custom Processed Cooked Meats Options

25 Pound Minimums apply

Snack Sticks, $4.50 per lb
  • with Cheddar Cheese, $4.95 per lb
  • with Cheddar Cheese & Jalapeno, $5.30 per lb
Small Diameter Hotdog, $4.35 per lb
Large Diameter Hotdog, $3.80 per lb
  • with Cheddar Cheese, $4.35 per lb

10 pound minimums apply

Whole Muscle Jerky, $5.30 per lb



Other Handling Charges

$15 is added for:
  • Processing for All Ground
  • Single Chop/Steak Packaging