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Cooking & Eating The WHOLE Beast
Posted 2/6/2015 by Bobbie Gustafson
Wow.  A year goes by so fast.

Our first year owning and operating the locker ran its course at warp speed!  I had plans, but not enough time to make all of them happen in 2014.

But that was 2014.  THIS IS 2015!

Everything is in place now, for a plan I've been hyper about.  I've patiently waited for it, anxiously.

For 2015, Story City Locker has connected a local community of women to (drum roll.............) cook 'the whole beast', or I should say 'beastS'.  It's the year of the sheep, but we're going to cook beef, pork, and goat too!

The four women I've alluded to, myself, and a few other guest surprises along the way (which may or may not include men, who knows!), will effectively prepare for our families every part of a:

        • half beef harvest
        • whole hog harvest
        • whole lamb harvest
        • whole goat harvest, and

will share the recipes along the way.

The recipes will be stored on the Story City Locker website, under the 'Recipes' tab.  Organized by meat type, and by season, the recipes will build a quick and easy reference site for 'real life' recipes. 

The value of a whole animal harvest is maxed with a will to enjoy every part of the harvest.  There is a lot more to the beast than the range of premium cuts, and the less trendy parts taste good too.  Equally important, they can be prepared tasty AND efficiently. 

And, lets talk about the ground.  There's a lot of ground when you custom process a beast.  A wide variety of ground recipes will continue to grow on our website this year.  When the same ol' same ol' ground meat dinner isn't going to cut through a mundane mood, we'll have your back.

Who are the home cooks helping us complete the 'Cooking & Eating The WHOLE Beast' project?  Our first local (Ames, IA) guest blogger is Jenny Ellett.

Jenny's blog is From Jen's Kitchen.  She's fun.  It's going to be a good time cooking with, and getting to know her.  I hope you'll support and enjoy her blog posts too. 

The first meat Jen challenged herself with came from our beef harvest for this project.  She used top round roast and bottom round roast to prepare Involtini for her family.  Visit her blog, read what she had to say, and post a comment to her there.  We all enjoy encouraging words!  

To visit From Jen's Kitchen, click the highlighted link.  Below is a picture of the Involtini she prepared for her family.


The other three guest bloggers who will be cooking the beasts are:

        • Becky Ringsby (Story City, IA)
                Visit her Facebook site SAVOR to learn more about her.

        • Emily Loynachan (Huxley, IA)
                She blogs at Frugal Iowa Mama


        • Laura Dewhurst (Ames, IA)
                She retired her cooking blog to enjoy the busy Mama thing.  
                She's talented, and we're lucky she's going to guest post here. 

We have a lot of meat to cook this year.  A full freezer is awesome!  There's nothing but easy options when you first bring the harvest home.

As the year goes on, and the freezer options narrow, things are going to get super creative (yet practical) around here.  I hope you'll follow the series, and end up looking forward to hearing what these fun, local home cooks have to share.


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