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Fresh Foods Wednesday, 8 May 2013
Posted 5/8/2013 by Bobbie Jo Gustafson

It's Wednesday, the Fresh Food link up day at Gastronomical Sovereignty.  I've enjoyed Kristy's link up, without contributing to it, for a while.  It's a chance to look outside of my "local" to others who are prioritizing local consumption in their respective areas.  And, frankly, Kristy is fun (dynamic, confident, and funny.)  Her style hooked me into following her.

Central Iowa has a great local food movement growing.  As I've voyeuristically followed Gastronomical Sovereignty I've had a growing desire for my "local" to casually share how it's enjoying seasonal produce and local small farmers.  I've met some dynamic, confident, and funny local food lovers as Ty and I've been preparing to open the Story City Locker.  I think it would be great to be inspired weekly by locals, like the local food lovers we've met (and others we have yet to meet.)

Our official website for the Story City Locker will be launched soon.  Here's a static look at the front page of it:

The point of showing you this is to point out the button on the website in the bottom left hand corner:

The Local button is the manifestation of pure Gastronomical Sovereignty inspiration.  Many voices together are wiser and more informative than a single voice.  The Local button on the Story City Locker website will link to our weekly blog link up, Good and Local Friday. 

Chews Local, Story City Locker's blog, rolled out Good and Local Friday this past Friday.  So far it's hosting one link...our own Chews Local submission.  Not this week, but possibly someday it will host a few links from others in our area putting forth an effort to either produce, discover or dine on seasonal local foods.  Possibly some day if you're passing through Central Iowa,  Good and Local will be a guide for you to some of the best locally grown food and hospitality those of us who live here enjoy.

For this week Gastronomical Sovereignty, to share with you how my family is enjoying locally raised food, we're still dependent on the vegetables we pickled last year.  Sadly most of our freezer produce was used up mid-winter;  we'll freeze a larger quantity this year.  But we estimated well how much we should pickle.  We still have plenty.

Pretty soon radishes will be ready.  I'll be able to share with you our recipe for pickling them and give you a glimpse into our Midwest country kitchen.

After being delayed a week, (due to snow of all things), the Ames Farmers Market will kick off this weekend.  I can't wait to see who the vendors are this year.  And, that's for next weeks link up.....

Thanks for the inspiration Fresh Foods linker uppers.  I appreciate you.

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