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Introducing Lineck Farm LLC
Posted 5/1/2013 by Bobbie Jo Gustafson

It's Wednesday, so that means a visit to Kristy's linky party, Fresh Foods Wednesday, over at Gastronomical Sovereignty.  I'm just visiting, not posting there this week.  It's the first Wednesday of May, so she's highlighting her top 25 picks from April's link ups to Fresh Foods.  If you click on the Fresh Foods button below, you can visit too!

Did you find a favorite link up to Fresh Foods Wednesday in April?   The posts that shared about starting seeds and gardens (community and private) were inspiring to me!  I have seeds growing indoors and outdoors right now too.
As I'd mentioned in the previous post, the research we've done to prepare for the Story City Locker has changed us.  Researching sustainable organic farming practices led us to a film that convinced us to try working with nature instead of against it.  We haven't used fertilizers or pesticides for a long time, but last year we also integrated surface mulch to our home garden, eliminating a need for tilling.  (The link to the Vimeo short film is here if your curious,
This year I find one un-fabulous and two fabulous things when I rake back mulch to plant in the garden.  The un-fabulous thing in our garden is the cat.  He won't leave me alone.  He and his cat family are so happy to see us now winter is over.   
The fabulous finds when I rake back the mulch:  worms and moist black dirt.
We had to buy worms after the farmland we now call home was converted to a country acreage.  There weren't enough worms to help stop compacting in the gardens.  Today I get to rake and say "hello friends!"  
The other fabulous thing I find when I rake back the mulch is moist, crumbly, and easy to hoe gorgeous black dirt.  No tilling is necessary after I rake back the mulch.  Ty loves that!  
We're also using heritage seeds.  We probably used GMO seeds in the past, not having given much thought to which seeds to use.  But I was impressed with the heritage tomatoes we received in our CSA share last year.  I can't wait to see if the rest of the heritage vegetables we're growing have more flavor, like I noticed in those tomatoes last year.
The last change to share regarding our gardening is that our homestead (where the gardens are) became Lineck Farm LLC this year.  Someday Lineck Farm will provide seasonal produce to the Story City Locker for the retail area.  
Why name our home Lineck Farm when we're Gustafson's?  Do you know that traditionally the homestead was the center of commerce for most families?  And who, traditionally worked the homestead while the work necessary away from home was done?  MOM!  Women were traditionally the CEOs of the day to day commerce at home, so we're honoring our Moms by calling our farm Lineck Farm.  My Mom's maiden name is Lines, and Ty's Mom's maiden name is Streck.  We combined the two names Lines and Streck and settled on Lineck.    
Lineck Farm also has pastures being nurtured, but I'll share about that another time.
I hope you'll find time to check out the link ups over at Kristy's blog.  I'm convinced that something in her April Fresh Foods linky party will inspire you.  And come back here on Friday to link up to our first ever linky party, Good & Local Friday.  If it's growing, being cooked, and being consumed within a 150 mile radius of Story City, Iowa it's local and we consider it good link up material for our linky party.
Be creative and remember:  your experience is valuable to someone.  How are you supporting local food supply?

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