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Posted 4/29/2013 by Bobbie Jo Gustafson

I love linky parties.

Don't know what a linky party is?  A linky party is when a blogger posts on a particular topic and invites others to link up thier blog posts, on the same subject, to their blog entry.  A link up displays as an icon at the bottom of the host's blog entry.

If you do it right, you may get some traffic from that blog. And possibly new followers!
But, first and more importantly, it’s all about information sharing.  Obviously, the more participants in a linky party, the better!  If you like to find a lot of practical experience on a topic, efficiently in one place, you'll love blog link ups.  
Last summer I wanted to improve my photography skills, so I participated in photo challenges that were linky parties.  My knowledge of digital photography, good composition, lighting, and photoshop grew more rapidly than ever over the summer.  And, it was fun.   
Your experience with a subject that inspires you is valuable to others.  Your wins and fails are useful to someone.  You don't have to consider yourself an expert on a subject to blog about it.  Blogging at it's best promotes conversation (well, that's my opinion.)
And let's admit it, conversation is more enjoyable than research.  Conversation is why I think blogging is fun!  Last summer the nuggets of wisdom my linky party friends left at the bottom of my blog posts were gold to me.  I also enjoyed that my responses to link ups were received with the same appreciation I'd have when I'd find a comment.   
As Ty and I've been preparing to launch the Story City Locker (opening Summer 2013) we've given a majority of our time and attention to Central Iowa's local food movement.  We've been to conferences, trainings, and trade shows.  We follow global and local social media focused on local food.  We meet with farmers.  We buy and read A LOT of books.  We've done research.
Now, as the building begins to go up (we hoped in April but it will be May), and as our official website is prepared for launching (soon), we're increasing our input into conversations about local food as well.  Our research has changed us!  We're doing many new things!  We have a lot of fun stuff to talk about.
This blog will be hosted on our official website when it launches (soon).  The purpose of the blog is to encourage conversation about local food supply (production, consumption, activism, and awareness.)  Because my favorite blogs aren't soap boxes, designed for one sided conversations, link ups will be a big part of what you find here. 
On Wednesdays we'll link up to an excellent blog (Gastronomical Sovereignty: The Fresh Foods Wednesday Link Up) that I think you'll like.  On Friday we'll host our own link up.  And, I've located a few Central Iowa bloggers to guest blog on occassion.  I can't wait to introduce them to you!
I invite you to join the conversations.  Link up your blog posts sharing what you're growing, finding or making to support local food supply.  If you don't blog, you can always comment on a link up or two; those who blog love comments.  Or, you can just read along, if you're shy.  We think this blog will be more successful if you aren't shy to join in though.  Your experience is valuable.
How are you supporting local food supply?  
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