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The following rates are for processing only.  Carcass is a separate purchase, direct from a farmer.

You can now review & submit cut instructions using our Online Lamb Processing Form (link broken / Lamb rates are being updated.)  The form asks all of the questions we'd ask were you to call us with your cut instructions.


Not sure how to have your lamb custom processed?


Most commonly requested: 


LEG - American Leg Roasts (1/2 legs), bone in

SIRLOIN - Stew Meat, boneless

LOIN - Loin Chops, bone in

RACK - Rib Roast, bone in

SHOULDER -  Shoulder Roast, bone in

BREAST - Ground Lamb

NECK - Neck Roast, bone in

SHANK - Whole Shanks, bone in

GROUND - Fresh Unseasoned Ground, 1 pound packages

We can tailor to your preferences if something above doesn't appeal to you.  We also offer seasoned &(or) formed ground options.

Half Carcass Processing Rate - $95/head

Whole Carcass Processing Rate - $145/head

Official State Inspected Processing / 3rd Party (inspection labeled) processing customers, you can submit your instructions online using our Offical Lamb (or Goat) Processing Form.

All rates include take-down, cutting, grinding, wrapping in poly and paper, and freezing.  Our processing fee also includes carcass offal disposal.

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