Processing Information


You can submit your custom processing instructions to us online, or call us.  The links below are to online forms that ask all of the questions we'd ask if you called to give us cutting instructions for your custom processing. 

The following forms are for 'Direct to Consumer' processing.  The packaging label lists the commodity cut, the customer name and also says 'Not For Sale' on it.  (For inspected processing you can re-sell, click here for information.)

Options and Fees for Processing BEEF  

Options and Fees for Processing PORK (Pork processing has a minimum $80 per head processing fee.)

Story City Locker no longer offers processing services for lamb or goat.  


Processed & cooked meats products have minimums.

25 Pound Minimum / Summer Sausage, Ring Bologna, Hotdogs & Snack Sticks

10 Pound Minimum / Jerky & Dried Beef

Recipes Ingredient Statement

We often get asked for ingredient lists for our pork custom processing recipes.  You can review them here.

You can also view our beef custom processing recipes, here.

How long will it take for my processing order to be complete, ready for pick-up?

We aim to complete your custom processing order for:

  • Beef, within 30 days
  • Pork, within 30 days 
  • Deer from Fall & Winter hunting, by March 1st of the new year.  De-boned, received after Jan. 20th, will have a 30 day turn around.  We don't accept deer trim between March 1st and October 1st.

From time to time processing may take longer .  Curing and smoking require more time for order completion.  We will advise you of the expected completion date upon receiving your order.

How is the meat packaged?

Our packages are double-wrapped in one layer of clear plastic and one layer of white butcher paper.  Each package is wrapped tightly to eliminate air pockets that could cause freezer burn and clearly labeled as to cut.  We can vacuum-seal your boneless meat cuts but don't advise it for long term storage.  The vacuum process removes moisture from the meat and is vulnerable to puncture / vacuum seal loss.

How long will the frozen meat last in my freezer?

If you keep your freezer temperature at or below zero degrees Fahrenheit, then:

  • Beef - at least 15 months
  • Pork - at least 10 months
  • Deer - at least 15 months

How big of a freezer do I need?

A small seven cubic foot chest freezer will easily hold both a quarter beef and a half hog at the same time.

Ethical Treatment

The Story City Locker was designed by meat processing plant experts. Several Iowa Doctors of Veterinary Medicine and experts at the Iowa Meat & Poultry Inspection Bureau were consulted. And, taken into account during the design process were Dr. Temple Grandin's perspectives on humane slaughter procedures. 

We are currently AGW approved for Beef & Pork.

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