Welcome to The CleaverStory City Locker's Artisan Butchery!

Because our products are made in small batches with seasonal ingredients coming from small producers, we have an ever changing selection of items to enjoy.  We are a growth in progress and our selection will continue to grow.   

What's fresh from the cleaver?  

The global pandemic of COVID-19 has impacted our retail space.  Retail offerings are random and in small quantity currently.

Why is there little in our retail space currently?  

We craft products for our retail space from livestock we harvest at Story City Locker (versus buying box meat.)  We prioritize harvest for our customer farmers, their customers processing for bulk home freezer storage, and then for us to stock the retail space. 

The way COVID-19 has impacted the food system has prompted many people who've never custom processed for their home freezer to give it a try.  If you'd like to request custom processing, we encourage you to!  Use this form. We frequently, and like to, introduce new processing customers to local farmers, and we know farmers growing what you're interested in buying.  


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