2020 & 2021 inspected processing calendars are full.    

Inspected Processing

Submit your cutting instructions to us online:


OFFICIAL PROCESSING Pork Cut Sheet  (An $80.00 per head minimum applies.)

Story City Locker no longer provides lamb or goat processing services. 


Story City Locker is a State of Iowa Inspected Facility,

we participate in the Federal Cooperative Interstate (CIS) Program (enabling inspected processing to be sold wholesale beyond Iowa's borders,)

and we offer certified organic processing with organic labeling as an optional service.  


We can also work with you on your packaging and presentation.  When it comes to labeling your product, we can help you create a label branded with your identity using our 3rd Party Label, approved by Iowa Meat & Poultry, and our scales.  The 3rd Party Label has a one time $25.00 set up fee.

3rd party labels print with weight only.  The 'per lb' rate and 'Total' fields print blank.  These two fields are the only areas on a 'for resale' label that are allowed to host hand wrote information.  Pricing can be printed on your labels with a $25 administration charge applied to your invoicing.


Looking for help with re-assigning value from the whole carcass to all of the commodity cuts?

Pricing Your Individual Cuts For Re-Sell





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